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Miguel Faces Deportation THIS Week

URGENT: Miguel is currently being held in York County Jail in York, Pennsylvania. Immigration officials are telling his family he could be deported as early as this week. Please take immediate action to stop his deportation!

Please sign the petition to stop Miguel’s deportation.

Miguel was born in El Salvador and was brought to the United States, in 1996, when he was only 9 years old. He has grown up in the United States and considers this country his only home. Miguel is the father of a beautiful 3 year old and is awaiting the arrival of his second child with his longtime girlfriend, Jessica. If Miguel is deported to El Salvador, he won’t be able to witness the birth of his second baby and won’t be there to raise his two children with Jessica. Miguel also has three U.S. citizen siblings and a mother who will suffer terribly if he is deported.

Yesterday, President Obama spoke at the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) annual conference about his commitment to passing immigration reform. He has spoken numerous times about his support for the DREAM Act and how undocumented youth should be given the opportunity to realize their dreams in the United States. Yet, we continue to see youth being put in the unthinkable position of having to defend their right to remain in the only country they consider their home.

Miguel and his family deserve better than the empty promises President Obama and his administration continue to give us. It is because of President Obama’s lack of concrete actions in granting undocumented youth deferred action that Miguel finds himself fighting his deportation. Miguel wishes to be reunited with his 3 year old child, his girlfriend, and his entire family; and is asking for our help to make this happen.

Take action to stop Miguel’s deportation by signing his petition.

Please share this petition and action alert to all of your friends and family.

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